The BRL Center

Dedicated to the production of DAISY books and other materials which provide Enhanced Navigation, resulting in more efficient and effective access to digital information, for the blind.


These DAISY Scriptures with Enhanced Navigation, allow the user to easily locate and read any individual verse of scripture, using only a Victor Reader Stream or similar DAISY book device.

Click here for instructions and examples of how to navigate to the verse level using these DAISY Talking Books. Similar information is also available at the beginning of each DAISY book.


Church Manuals in DAISY format with Enhanced Navigation.

General Conference Talks

Following are DAISY books with Enhanced Navigation, containing the mp3 audio of General Conference Talks. In the coming weeks and months we will produce a series of 9 DAISY books, each covering 5 years and containing 10 General Conferences. After downloading, unzipping and copying to an SD card, these DAISY books will allow efficient navigation to any talk in any session of any conference, from the present extending back to 1971! Please refer to the navigation instructions at the beginning of each DAISY book.

Books and Manuals in HTM Format.

Navigation marks have been placed in the following HTM files to facilitate efficient reading and study of these materials. These files may be downloaded, unzipped, and copied into the "$VRText" folder of an SD card, for use with a VR Stream or similar device, and navigated with the various levels of headings as usual. Alternatively they may simply be opened in your web browser of your computer, and, provided you are running JAWS, you may navigate to Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 by simply pressing the number 1, 2, or 3 keys along the top of your keyboard. Please refer to the navigation instructions at the beginning of each book.

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We are continually producing DAISY books of important reference works, so check back often!